My World of Unending Possibilities

I grew up in a world of unending possibility

Where everywhere I looked, looked like me. Never once have I’ve been struck by the sideways glance of another person’s doubt. My future paved by the strength of those who are like me. Like a swift-fleeting meteor, a fast-flying cloud, a flash of lighting, a break of the wave, belief in myself is instant.

I grew up in a world of unending possibility

Where raising my voice was to be a man. Where defending myself from the path of piercing arrows was considered having “balls”. And just like the hyenas mock the lioness before it strikes, never once was I laughed at for wanting to compete with boys.

I grew up in a world of unending possibility

Where I could walk home and not once be barked at by my kin. Where just like the vampires swarm as unwanted visitors onto the flesh, I can feel safe whenever I’m alone, and never do I expect the unwanted attention.

I grew up in a world of unending possibility

Where I was encouraged to be a strong boy. Where delicacy and sweetness is best served for the sissies. Where the opposite of strong was to be a “pussy”. Where being loud and defensive meant strength rather than “bitchy”.

I also grew up with a mother

Who taught me strength knows no gender

She swims against the current of Machismo legacy, where a generation of people are taught to learn their place. Where a positive thing is never said about you, where you are always teared down, where your dreams are forsaken. Where even today, in the campaigns some of the Mexican men still openly say “women shouldn’t be president”, and their only crime their womxness.

But strength knows no gender.

She is a force so strong that it can repulse any supernova, and the greatest strength her love.

What stories are we told about strength?

From having the two full-time jobs, to caring for all her strong men, while caring for herself. Although I believed it at some point, strength isn’t measured in our ability to cause pain.

I grew up in a world of unending possibility

I’ve learned a valuable lesson. We are in a man’s world, and we are the protagonists. But they are like gods that author us into the life of this world.

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