I, too, Am America

I, too, Am America.
I am the dirty little secret in our communities
And I reflect it back at you; boldly and loudly.

I’m el niño campesino that worked the farms and the books.
They tried to shame me
But I am not ashamed anymore.
They tried to scare me
But I am not afraid anymore.
They tried to bury me
But I am not invisible anymore.
Get used to me: Chicano, confident, unapologetic, and loving.

My dream, not yours.
My heart, not yours.
People have to know that it is POSSIBLE,
For someone with decency and a fighting spirit to overcome these obstacles.

I will reject hatred,
I will forgive,
I will love unconditionally;
I will be a candle in dark rooms.

Because I, too, define America.